First West Credit Union give 12,000 meals

Published on Jun 24, 2017

At Whistler's conference centre in BC Canada, 250 staff from First West Credit Union participated in Catalyst Global's popular social responsibility program, Hole in One. In a 90 minute challenge facilitated by Vancouver based team building company Eventology Teams used creativity and ingenuity to create a mini-golf course our of non-perishable food donations. This process encourage team members to communicate effectively, listening to each others ideas and working together to put the concepts into their final design. They even had to create putters to play with.

canada donates to charity

Then the competitive fun began! The teams played a round of mini-golf along their course with their self created putters. At the end of the game, the donated non-perishable food items were given to the Feed the Valley and Full Cupboard campaign. Participants said they really enjoyed the creative and team bonding process and, they felt great giving knowing that the food substances were going to a worthy cause. Hole in One is a win-win activity.

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